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Andrei Oprisan

about Andrei Oprisan

crafting elegant business solutions using technology

Building web and mobile products for a range of industries, from finance to eCommerce.
I specialize in full-stack web and mobile development, as well as operations functions such as scaling and hardening for security in the cloud.
Other areas of expertise are interface design, rapid prototyping, and infrastructure design.

Most days, I work with real-time web application platforms like node.js and meteor, iOS development in XCode, as well as PHP and Java. My work includes working at digital commerce full-services agencies, eCommerce shops, and ISPs.

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I Build Products

Enable eCommerce on any web site, with just one line of javascript

Monitor web pages for text changes and get notified

meteor travel

Real-time, collaborative travel planning site

Real-time social feedback platform for event Q&A event management, via web, mobile, sms and twitter


Real-time cloud cost management and optimization platform for Amazon Web Services


redis infrastructure as a service platform leveraging AWS spot instances


API discovery toolkit that can analyze source code and propose API endpoints


Built the largest nutritional item database on the web with 5M+ foods and 100M+ nutritional data points


SaaS pay-as-you-go, instant provisioning VoIP phone communications platform


A Google Applications purchase order system

and Open Source Packages

apkg: an abstract package tree creation tool

Born as part of a Google Summer of Code 2008 project, apkg is a dynamic source analysis and distribution tool.


Twilio Meteor API Bindings


Meteor JQuery on the server


Meteor wrapper for Plivo, the telephony framework

NikePlus v2.0 API for PHP (CodeIgniter)

Nike+ API v2 implementation with Codeigniter

Occupational Classification System

SQL version of Metabolic Equivalent (MET) Values for Activities in the 2002 Census Occupational Classification System (OCS)

Activities in American Time Use Survey

SQL version of Metabolic Equivalent (MET) Values for Activities in American Time Use Survey (ATUS)

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